We offer all aspects of general dental care in a relaxed, happy atmosphere to all ages. We also provide cosmetic treatments including tooth coloured fillings, tooth whitening, endodontics (root fillings), periodontics (gum treatments) and minor oral surgery. 

We have invested in digital X ray systems in both surgeries which produce instant images and reduce the radiation dose to patients by about a third. 

We are fully compliant with all current decontamination guidelines as issued by the Department of Health.

We have a policy of continual improvement. We employ the latest techniques, use the most up to date materials and equipment, and maintain the education of our dentists and support staff via Continual Professional Development courses and training days, as stipulated by The General Dental Council.


Crowns are indicated when there is insufficient tooth remaining to support a filling. Crowns are also advisable if a tooth has had root canal treatment as the tooth will be weakened and susceptible to fracturing. The tooth is carefully shaped and a mould is taken. Crowns are made by highly skilled dental technicians in a dental laboratory. There are a wide range of options available for the material of the crown. 
  • All ceramic – these are metal free and offer a very natural appearance.
  • Porcelain fused to metal – these are also tooth coloured and very strong. 
  • Gold – Gold is still a fantastic material for crowns. Gold is very biocompatible and has a hardness similar to natural tooth.
Whichever material is used, the crown will be bonded onto the tooth surface and will provide a durable, functional restoration.


Implants are a fantastic way to replace a missing tooth. As long as there is sufficient bone, a titanium implant is inserted into the bone, and new bone grows around the implant. This then acts as a foundation for a new tooth. A porcelain tooth is then made to precisely fit onto the implant. Implants are placed by highly skilled implant surgeons. They look very natural and can be a fantastic alternative to dentures or bridges. 


Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. There are various types of bridge available at Ellesmere Dental Practice. Adhesive bridges have metal wings attached to the sides, which can be used with minimal preparation to the adjacent tooth. Fixed bridges are attached to teeth in front and behind the gap. These can be an excellent alternative to dentures as they are fixed in place.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening is a safe, cosmetic procedure which removes pigment which builds up in teeth, over time. We take moulds of your teeth to make a custom fit, whitening tray.
Whitening gel is then applied and the trays are worn for 2 to 4 hours per day, (most people do this overnight for convenience) for 16 days. Whitening will only lighten natural tooth tissue, so crowns and fillings will not change shade. Sensitivity can happen during whitening, but this is only temporary. All teeth are different, so the final shade is impossible to predict, but we achieve some fantastic results with this very simple procedure.
Composite bonding is a minimally invasive procedure where composite filling material is layered onto a tooth, to improve its shape or colour. Modern materials are incredibly lifelike and give instant results – often eliminating the need for further treatment such as braces.

Root Canal Treatment

Root treatment is a highly specialized treatment which is used to preserve a tooth. 

Inside each tooth is a root canal where the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth lie; this can become infected if the tooth becomes damaged through decay, injury, gum disease or cracked and loose fillings.

Root canal treatment removes the damaged nerve and bacteria that is causing the infection and the root canal is then disinfected, shaped and filled before a permanent seal closes the tooth. Without treatment, the infection could spread further causing an abscess or infection to the jawbone resulting in the tooth having to be removed. 

After successful treatment, a crown is usually needed to strengthen the remaining tooth.

At Ellesmere Dental Practice, we carry out root treatment to a very high standard and use operating microscopes to enable the root canal anatomy to be visualised clearly.